Capital Mobilizer was founded with a single mission: create a technology solution that can overcome the “Missing Middle” financing gap. Our technology serves as bridge between capital providers and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to grow. It is the ideal tool for donors and development finance institutions to mobilize capital to underserved SMEs.


Capital Mobilizer is a fintech company that has created an innovative software platform that facilitates blended finance transactions, with a focus on underserved businesses. It connects investors and companies in a virtual environment to decrease transaction costs, build pipelines of investment-worthy companies, and help structure deals.


Capital Mobilizer was founded with a single mission: create a technology solution that mitigates the growing access to finance gap in the developing world.

Capital Mobilizer has developed an innovative user-friendly software program that works “both sides of the street.”

For SMEs, the platform enters company financial data to produce internationally accepted income statements and balance sheets, along with key performance indicators and financial reports, giving real-time feedback to the business owner.

For lenders and investors, the platform organizes relevant business information, evaluates risk, analyzes investment potential, and generates covenants for loans and investment.

For development finance institutions and donors, the platform performs critical data science functions, monitoring and evaluation of impact, and grant management. The tool has a proven track record, successfully mobilizing millions in fresh capital to SMEs.


Capital Mobilizer has the power to be the CapIQ or PitchBook for SME lending and impact investing in the developing world.

"The Capital Mobilizer technology allows the lender to evaluate financial risk, arrive at a credit score, and reduce transaction costs."

FNB Commercial Banking

"Capital Mobilizer understands SME financial risk."

Standard Bank

"Banks and investors are not inclined to do extensive analysis of SMEs. Capital Mobilizer can change the lending culture."

The Banking Association of South Africa

Million Mobilized to SMEs
Transactions across 6 countries
Loan Officers and Business Manager Trained


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